Orlando & Partners advises its clients in Business Planning and Corporate Finance areas, providing a diversified assistance to entrepreneurs through methodologies and knowledge gained in many years of experience.

Business Consulting

We support the reorganization of your business.

O&P team offers its services in order to solve critical issues related to planning and control caused basically by: either absence of adeguate competences in order to efficiently implement business planning…

Corporate Finance Advisory

Strategic partner for your operations

Corporate finance advisory activities are designed for companies which are in certain moments of their business lifecycle: dimensional growth, generational turnover, total or partial sale…

Organization & People Management

business strategy and motivating

Deliver support to management of customer’s organizations for creating an environment that empowers and engages its employees aligning their behaviors…

Workshop e Coaching

We are by your side in dealing with new challenges.

O&P organizes workshops, dedicated to the each company, that consist of moments of study, ideation and systematization of the strategic guidelines and definition of the pillars…

Corporate Communication

providing solutions and creating opportunities

We support clients providing solutions and creating opportunities for an image that accompanies development, aware that each company has its own language…

“If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable.”

(Seneca, Moral letters to Lucilius)
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