O&P organizes workshops, dedicated to the each company, that consist of moments of study, ideation and systematization of the strategic guidelines and definition of the pillars of the company’s future strategy.

In these workshops, depending on the specificities of each project, professionals from different disciplines are involved (psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, technological experts). During the workshop they offer to management and shareholders ideas and tools, that are then turned into real objectives consistent with the outlined strategy.

The activities we put in place

Assistance in defining the guidelines of the corporate strategy and business plans (road map, strategic plan, programs etc ..), through interventions in the form of workshops for senior management.

Coaching and Tutoring to the areas of general management and finance and control characterized by skills deficits, playing an active role and setting the contents up to the selection of the suitable person.

Assistance and coaching in the phases of generational transition to strengthen the skills of the resources assigned to corporate leadership roles.

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