O&P team offers its services in order to solve critical issues related to planning and control caused basically by: either absence of adeguate competences in order to efficiently implement business planning and control tools either lack of sufficient resources.
In both cases the presence of O&P on one hand aims to provide the client the necessary tools and on the other to temporary replace the missing recources supporting the company in the implementantion and in the management of the aforesaid tools.

The activities we put in place

Business Planning, elaboration of industrial plans and support in the strategy definition.

Redesign of process and organizational models improving performances through targeted actions on areas such as Cost Management, Working Capital & Cash generation.

Financial and operational restructuring, turnaround plans and operating guides for the implementation of the reorganization and re-launch.

Support to CEO and CFO activities, through temporary management of company functions such as General Management, Administration, Finance and Control areas.

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